If you’ve enjoyed following this blog, make sure to check out the Illawarra Remembers website at: http://illawarraremembers.com.au/ where we will be continuing the project.

Thank you to everyone who has followed the blog over the past year. We’re very excited for the next stage of the Illawarra Remembers project!


As the 100 year anniversary of the Great War approaches many institutions are expanding their online collections and digitising items that relate of 1914-1918.

Extensive work is also being done to catalogue and describe these collections in ways that allow items to be linked across collections and institutions   using web technologies.

This year the State Library of NSW is embarking on special projects to digitise NSW newspapers published during WWI and 97 of the Library’s collection of approximately 900 WWI diaries have been digitised and are now online.


The Australian War Memorial is also planning many changes to their online galleries. Wollongong City Libraries’ project will add to and expand these online collections.

Currently Wollongong City Libraries has over 200 images and other printed material about the people of Illawarra and their involvement in WWI. Some of our images are of local memorials and honour boards, providing lists of names. Our aim is to bring this list of names to life with photograhs and stories about these men and women.

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