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Allen, Keith Wickham

Appelby, Wilfriend Lawson

Baker, George Alexander

Cawood, Dorothy Gwendolen

Chamberlain, Edward George

Clifford, Edward

Cooper, Joseph Thomas

Cornford, Charles Walter

Cowie, Alexander

Cowie, David

Dalziel, Victor

Davidson, Alexander

Dobing, James

Donovan, John William

Draper, Percy Smedley

Duchesne, Edwin George

Duchesne, William Sydney

Dyer, Martin Luther

East, Augustus (Gus) Milton

Faddy, Francis Hoartio

Farquharson, Frank & Walter

Fuller, Colin Dunmore

Gallagher, Edmund Patrick

Gavin, Patrick James

George, William Michael

Gorrell, Stanley William

Hargrave, John Edward

Hay, William

Heard, Oliver Holmes

Houghton, Richard

Howell-Price, Owen Glendower

Irwin, Charles Duff

Irwin, Thomas Kennedy Snr

James (the James girls), Eva & Miriam & Beatrice

Jolly, Agnes Alexina McRae

Kelly, Herbert Norman

Lindoy, John (Jack) Harold

Masters, James (Judy) William

Morgans, David John

Morris, Reginald Robert

McDonald, Richard

Nelson, John Andrew Waldron

O’Neill, Henry Edward

Parrish, Albert

Parsons, Archibald Lewis

Parsons, Emily Rebecca Mary

Porter, William George

Pugh, Francis Henry

Rees, Jenkin

Reynolds, Herbert Vincent

Richardson, John Harold

Sharpe, Wallace John

Smith, Alfred

Smith, Norman McLeod

Souter, Leslie William

Street, Charles Edward

Street, Edwin

Thompson, Alice Jane

Tubman, Matthew

Wakeford, Nurse

Wheeler, John

Ziems, Charles Vivian

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