Colonel Colin Dunmore Fuller

Colin Dunmore Fuller was born at Dunmore House in 1882, the eleventh child of George Laurence and Sarah Fuller. He attended school in Sydney at Shore College and Sydney Grammar School, eventually returning to Dunmore to help run his father’s estate.

Colin enlisted 21 July 1905 as Second Lieutenant 1st Australian Light Horse Royal NSW Lancers and was promoted to Captain in 1908. At the outbreak of World War One Captain Fuller was promoted to Major and was second in command of the 6th Light Horse 1st A.I.F. going ashore at Gallipoli in 1915.  Colin was promoted to Lt. Col. and given full command of the regiment to 1918;  he was wounded and spent some time in Cairo hospital before rejoining them.

Colonel Fuller was awarded the Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O) and at the end of the war he returned to Dunmore House and the family home. Through his suggestion, a memorial arch was erected in Kiama and officially dedicated 25 August 1925 by his eldest brother, George Warburton Fuller, then Premier of NSW.

Colin became, as his father before him, one of the leading figures in the Shellharbour community and was known throughout the district (especially in later years) as the ‘Old Colonel’. Like his father, Colin was very generous with money and anxious to help those around him. After a long battle with lung cancer, he died on 19 of September 1953.

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Coline Dunmore Fuller

Colin Dunmore Fuller 1882-1956, Shellharbour City Libraries

Dunmore House

Dunmore House, home of the Fuller family, Shellharbour City Libraries